Benefits of Adult Coloring Pages

Adult Coloring Pages

adult coloring pages
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Adult coloring pages are a fun, inexpensive way to create a relaxing, therapeutic activity while coloring. Coloring can provide relaxation, release stress, and promote creativity. Relaxation helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Creativity, in turn, can lead to a greater appreciation of the beautiful things in life. And, last but not least, coloring can be therapeutic.

According to Kelly Lambert, a clinical psychologist and child psychologist, “In our society now, there is a tendency for people to hide their feelings and be in denial. If you hide your feelings, it is much more likely that those feelings will find their way out and negatively impact other areas of your life–such as your job performance, relationships with others, your emotions, etc.” coloring can help combat the negative emotions and feelings that can affect a person’s daily life. ” coloring can actually help you work through these issues because it gives you an outlet for expressing your negative emotions.”

Adults can use coloring to release their stress, feelings of anxiety, and negative emotions such as depression.Dr. Lambert says,” coloring can actually help decrease feelings of anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. This may be surprising, but the fact is that coloring can have a calming effect on adults.” According to Jennifer Tratchenberg, a psychotherapist, “colored sheets can be a very effective tool in the treatment of anxiety and depression. It’s a wonderful way to express feelings and get some relief from the physical effects of stress.”